Welcome to agartha

All of us are at times weighed down by physical, mental or emotional pains, illnesses or weaknesses. We may not speak about them or consciously seek healing, but we know they are there.

Healing them is part of our path to wholeness. It can happen in different ways, through medical treatment, intervention by a natural healer, experiences of love, kindness and joy in our daily life and through influences from nature. It can also happen directly through contact with the universal light, our innermost reality.

At agartha’s meditative live-sessions we open to the light with a intention for healing – for ourselves and our close circle of family and friends and for society and the whole earth.
How it manifests may vary according to circumstances. Each of us understands it in our own way.

Our heart knows.

What is agartha?

Agartha is a digital service for holistic healing that guides, inspires and empowers you in your healing process. Agartha provides a real-time, collaborative and anonymous space where you can join and participate in live healing practices led by others, or broadcast your own practices for others to join. Live. We believe that the result of practicing live together with others is a radically amplified healing experience and a sense of unity and belonging to something greater than yourself.

Our approach to healing

The significance of the agartha way of  real-time shared healing is that it broadens the scope for who does healing and who healing is for. It means moving from a model where expert professionals work with individuals to a model where individuals develop their own skills and capacities to empower healing in themselves, their families and their communities.

Live, collective healing engages all participants. By working together in a synchronized manner we grow the circles of trusted relationships necessary to develop a truly global healing community.

Healing is personal

How do we combine an ambition to inspire and initiate collective healing with the notion that healing is ultimately a very personal and intimate process of opening up to inner dimensions, where we leave our protective shields behind?

How do we socialize healing without exploiting social interactions like social media do?

1. We can’t exploit what we don’t know. You can use Agartha completely anonymously! We know your device but we don’t know you.

2. All the streamed sessions are encrypted.

3. The user base grows the user base. Via invitation and personal recommendation.

4. All the broadcasters are vetted.

We’re just getting started

We want you to be a part of our journey. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us.