Welcome to Agartha

We’re building spaces for people to connect with their true selves. It’s a pretty big mission, and we’re just getting started. Here you can follow our developments and get a peak behind the scenes at what’s to come.

We’re launching the site before everything is in place because we want our community to be involved from the start. Let us know what you think, send us tips and share your own experiences of the journey.


We’re excited to have started Agartha as an alternative to the stressed-out times that we live in. It feels like we’re caught in a kind of hamster wheel of ‘shoulds’, ideals and pressures. The result is a near-constant struggle with feelings of inadequacy. We want to make it easier for people to take their first steps toward a more satisfying life.

We aim to connect you to practices that can facilitate self-discovery, with the goal of helping you reach new levels of realisation. Our holistic centres will offer a physical place to contemplate, learn and practice. Our first holistic centre will open in Ibiza, with other locations soon to follow.

We believe in plurality. Our role is to provide as many paths as possible, and help you discover which works best for you. Agartha is a tool, not an answer. We look forward sharing the journey with you.

Discover Yourself!

The Agartha Team

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We’re just getting started

We want you to be a part of our journey. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us.


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