Who we are


To see the world right side up, you need to look inside out.

Agartha was born as an alternative to our fast-paced, endorphin-addicted world. We think there’s more to be discovered about ourselves and the universe, if we know where and how to look.

Our mission is to make self-actualization more accessible. Through Agartha, you can connect to a wide range of paths, tools and guides, and discover what makes sense for you.

Our name

‘Agartha’ is the name of a mythical paradise beneath our feet. As
legend tells it, the Earth’s core is hollow, host to a tranquil civilisation and a bright inner sun.

For us, ‘Agartha,’ is not about the search for a physical place. We use
the name as a reminder that we know only a fraction of what there
is to know. It’s a call to reach beyond the surface of our experiences,
to find inner truth. If along the way, we stumble upon paradise,
we’ll share the path.

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